#140 – Corrosion Management for Dry Sprinkler Systems / Preaction Systems

By Rob Stewart and Mary Raines Addressing corrosion issues in dry systems is important and takes time. Not approaching these issues correctly will result in you providing incomplete and ineffective servicing. Knowing how to investigate these issues and how NFPA 25 helps you as a Fire Sprinkler Professional will result…

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#138 – Basic Hydraulic Calculation Tips

Math Formulas and Figures

By Jacob Raines We know that learning higher math concepts can make you feel a little queasy. Not knowing the math basics needed for hydraulic calculations is intimidating and lack of confidence on top of that can keep you from advancing to the next level in your career. If you…

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#131 – Six (6) Strategies of Fire Protection

Fire Protection Strategies

by Alejandro Uribe Learn how to identify and apply the 6 main strategies for fire protection Fire is a real and present danger in society. The threat of fire in a built environment1 pushes those in the fire protection industry to continue to identify ways to reduce the likelihood of…

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#123 – Manual Standpipes and Acceptance Testing Methods

Class 3 Standpipe

by William Strickler When installing a new manual wet or dry standpipe system, what is your company’s preferred method of completing an acceptance flow test? Do you rent or own a portable pump that is capable of achieving such designed flow rates typically associated with standpipe flow testing? Do you…

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#122 – Nitrogen Generator for My Fire Sprinkler System: Should I Install One?

General Air Nitrogen Generator

by Ray Fremont, General Air Products Nitrogen Generators are an exceptional piece of technology for fire sprinkler systems… when installed in the right application. Corrosion science tells us that maintaining pipes with 98% nitrogen can increase the life of your pipes. In black iron pipes, nitrogen can increase the life…

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#120 – Getting Started with Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Testing

Suggestions for Entering the Field of Inspection & Testing in Water-Based Systems Are you interested in the field of Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Systems? Fire Tech Productions, Inc. receives calls from people interested in beginning their careers and/or furthering their education in this specialized field. Fire Tech strives to…

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