#131 – Six (6) Strategies of Fire Protection

Fire Protection Strategies

by Alejandro Uribe Learn how to identify and apply the 6 main strategies for fire protection Fire is a real and present danger in society. The threat of fire in a built environment1 pushes those in the fire protection industry to continue to identify ways to reduce the likelihood of…

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#127 – Fire Alarm Detector Layout Part 3: Solid Joists

by Shawn Lee To continue our posts about detector layout, we will review how to configure a fire alarm system layout on ceilings that have joists, beams, other obstructions, or a combination of ceiling surfaces. In this post, we discuss solid joist construction and how that affects your heat detector…

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#119 – Fire Alarm Detector Layout Part 2: Irregularly Shaped Areas

by Shawn Lee References to NFPA 72 refer to the 2016 edition When we previously discussed fire alarm detector layout, we went through a series of square rooms/spaces to demonstrate how to place spot type fire alarm detectors, as shown in the example below. Following the spacing rules of NFPA…

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