Special Hazards Basic Reference Text

Special Hazards Basic Reference Text


The 18 chapter Special Hazards Basic Reference text is an invaluable reference for Special Hazards’ professionals. This text contains 265 pages. The detailed explanations and outlines are perfect for those preparing for the NICET Special Hazards Level I exam.

  • This book is a fundamental reference covering Special Hazards concepts
  • Numerous NFPA references, charts and graphs
  • Easy to read and follow, this well-written text will become the cornerstone of your Fire Protection Library
  • All NICET Level I outline topics are covered in this manual*

*Fire Tech Productions recommends their online NICET prep courses for the best preparation possible.

The Special Hazards Basic Reference Text covers:

  • Types of Special Hazard Systems
  • Codes and Standards
  • Existing Systems
  • Construction Features
  • Alarm Initiating Devices
  • Agent Quantities
  • Cylinder Inspection
  • Piping and Hanger Inspection
  • System Wiring
  • System Components
  • Units and Conversions
  • Raceways and Conduit
  • Air Sampling Piping
  • Installation Information from Plans and Specifications
  • Electrical Units and Components
  • Safety
  • Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Tasks
  • Review of Sprinkler Systems

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